15 December 2022

The Way, The Truth, and The Life

Good afternoon,

Today I actually have something to say, something that's on my mind. Most of my life I've been selfish, self-absorbed, and given to my own lustful desires and proclivities. Now I was raised to believe, act, and think differently.  I was raised in a small, good Brethren Christian church from the moment I was cognizant.  However, I was disobedient. I became disobedient and remained so for decades.  That's a long time.  Instead of listening and following the teachings of Jesus, I simply chose to conduct my life absolutely differently.  That made me the worst kind of sinner because I knew betbetter.  Although I knew better, I continued down a self-serving, destructive path.  Now all these years later I see The Truth.  I've seen it all along, and now I just felt profoundly ashamed.  So now I am convicted.  I do believe.  Jesus definitely had the patience for me and did not forsake me.  I am forgiven. I'm not aware of your spiritual or religious beliefs, but I have my own. Someday I will let the whole, miserable, monumental truth out.  I will state my testimony and it's crazy.  That's for sure.  It's got drugs, alcohol, sex, and perhaps the paranormal.  For now, I am just content this season is here.  Forget about the gifts, ornaments, and holiday trappings that come with Christmas.  It's really about the supernatural birth of Jesus Christ.  And that's all that matters.  I wish you peace, health, love, and happiness.


Funny S.N.L. sketch

S.N.L. 50 Shades of Grey sketch

 Daniel Stern's shriek is perfect!

S.N.L. Star Trek Convention
Shatner Flips

The Sopranos, drug intervention scene

The Sopranos, Adriana pukes on desk in F.B.I. office

History of the world, Part I, Dom Deluise . . . what an entrance  

Unfortunately, web design, coding, and indexing are above my ken.  I created this site on Blogger a few weeks ago.  It's straight forward and affordable, but it's limited.  I am currently having issues with SEO and page indexing.  However, I hope you are finding the site enjoyable. I am thinking of switching to Wordpress, but for the moment I am here with Blogger.

Have fun.

Airport Security sketch, S.N.L. Dana Carvey and Sharon Stone


The Sopranos, Luxury Lounge episode

Motivator Guy, S.N.L Chris Farley. Brilliance on display

Monday Night Football sketch, S.N.L. Jimmy Fallon as Dennis Miller


This S.N.L. video with Adam Driver is hysterical

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