The Cat's Pajamas


Cat's Pajamas-noun-a phrase used to express a desirable or adorable thing or person

"That young unmarried girl at the soiree last night was the cat's pajamas."

This term comes from E.B. Katz, an English tailor in the 1700's.  He made fine silk pajamas for royalty and wealthy patrons.

Merkin-noun-a pubic wig for women placed over the genitals to simulate pubic hair

"I thought I was looking at a dead field mouse when I found my girlfriend's merkin on the kitchen floor."

"Diseased hookers, prostitutes, and sex workers with skin and hair problems from bygone times wore merkins for their customers in order to give the appearance of health."

1650's female pudenda, merkin is apparently a variant of malkin or mop.  Further, merkin means artificial vagina or counterfeit hair for a women's private part.

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