Wordnerd -- Catamite


Lagniappe-noun-a small gift given to a customer at the time of a purchase. Usually given as a gratuity.

"When I purchased my Mustang, the dealer gave me a hand held G.P.S. navigation unit as a lagniappe."

"It turned out that I spent so much flippin money at the adult book store that the cashier gave me a lagniappe; a pocket rocket for my girlfriend."

This comes from the Spanish word la napa, a bonus.

Catamite-noun-a young pubescent boy kept for homosexual practices usually by an older affluent male.

"Hey, Fred! My catamite can't even walk today. Can I borrow yours tonight?"

"In ancient Greece and Rome, affluent older males sometimes possessed catamites for pederastic relationships."

From Latin, catamitus--a boy kept as a sexual partner.  Also it derives from the ancient Greek, Ganymede--an attractive Trojan boy allegedly abducted to Mount Olympus by the god Zues to become his lover.

Quixotic-adjective-exceedingly idealistic, unrealistic and impractical

"Many young quixotic people dream of changing the world by starting reformations or revolutions."

Quixotic relates exclusively to people as being chivalrous and absurdly romantic.  From 1791 Don Quixote a character from Cervantes satirical novel who was a romantic and impractical hero.

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