I've Been Listening to the Blues Now


Hola, Hello, Ciao, Bonjour,

I must admit that it's been a little time.   The last thing I wrote you related to my recent blood clot diagnosis. 

 I was excited for the new year in Illinois, a state I loathe. I have or had plans to move back east to my hometown near Philadelphia and my brethren.   Of course, several obstacles stand in the way.  First, I don't have a car. Second, my work is only part-time, and third, I have some savings but nothing north of 5K.  

I surmounted many a comeback in my life.  This would simply be another.  What follows may only be described as a kick in the nuts.

I created an account on IRS.GOV just to make certain I didn't owe them any money before filing my taxes.  All was clean.   Then I filed my taxes on Turbotax.  So I waited a couple of weeks and decided to check my IRS account to view the status of the refund.  What refund? The IRS now stated I owed them back taxes from 2015.....$9,000. OUCH!!!  Then my credit dipped 60 points due to all the hard inquiries on my credit report.  About a week later someone hacked my HP laptop. It was a browser hijacking.  So I took that to be fixed. Indeed they discovered malware.  I brought the fucking thing home after Geek Squad assured me it was fixed.  Well, it wasn't.  I had the same browser issue.  I use Bing and Chrome, but they kept defaulting to Yahoo.  Yahoo blows.  Just to be safe I decided to change bank accounts.   In the process of changing back accounts, the bank lost my driver's license.  Finally, I went to the doctor to inquire about a weight loss supplement or pill.  He checked my heart out and ordered a chest x-ray.  It came back that I have pneumonia.

It's been a rotten month though I'm sure we've all had 'em.

Maybe I'm complaining.  Sorry for that.  More posts are on the way.

As far as the blues goes check out "This Man," by Robert Cray.



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