Pejorative-adjective-expressing disapproval

"The mother's pejorative remarks regarding her daughter's fiance could not be ignored."

Again, this is a Latin term.  It derives from pejoratus and in turn borrows from another Latin term pejorare that means to become or make worse.

Zaftig-adjective-having a full and rounded figure--pleasantly plump

"It was our one-month anniversary, so I treated my girlfriend.  We got a room at the motel next to the Track & Bait Truckstop area.  I was so excited.  I spent the last of my paycheck on a negligee that I bought for her from Slut Wizard.  My sweet little butterball, zaftig, princess was in the bathroom trying it on. She looked so hot when she came out.  It made me horny.  She was close to me, and I could see a piece of chocolate on the corner of her mouth that I got to lick off.  Oh, it was so hot!

Zaftig is a Yiddish term from 1937 zaftik that means juicy. 

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